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Express Translations 

Experience has shown that often times the situation arises where there is the need to translate an extremely large document, such as a contract or set of court documents within a short period of time. For some offices this can be a challenge, as it requires organizing an appropriately selected group of translators work well with specific content, but also perform in a timely manner. Quick action is required when working on such short notice, which may risk causing potential errors or even the omission of whole paragraphs.


In order to meet the requirements of our clients, we are fully equipped to deal with such "critical" jobs. We have prepared translations of extensive documents that required completion on the same day many times. The procedures we have developed allow us to realize such orders with the same standards of quality as regular translations. Our team of translators and revisers is able to complete and professionally correct any text regardless of the time pressure involved.

Additionally, very difficult translations can be done in as short a time period as standard documents through the use of modern tools which support the translation process (CAT-Computer Assisted Translation), and thereby our customers are not exposed to the widely used additional charges due to "an order requiring special action."

We have realized dozens, if not hundreds, of such orders and the companies that come to us in such situations truly appreciate our ability to carry out such projects. Thanks to our experience we have developed procedures that make it much easier to meet any challenge and - most importantly - help reduce the cost of such translations.


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We provide comprehensive translation services for many of the largest Polish companies, enterprises and international corporations.

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