Company address: Międzyborska 82, Warszawa (Warsaw), Poland

Telephone: (22) 825 40 05


warszawa tłumaczenie symultaniczne warszawa tłumaczenia konsekutywne

Objectives and development

Quality first

Wishing to meet the requirements of our customers, we focus on providing the best quality of service. In this way we have gained our present, indisputable position on the translation market. In order to continue this level, we need to implement guidelines to maintain the highest level of service, timeliness and overall cooperation.

The success and popularity of KOMPUTEKSTU depends solely on the satisfaction of our customers and the confidence that they are willing to give us. Therefore, the major goal of the company is the fair and professional fulfillment of our obligations as your business partner.

Secondly, Europe

The international nature of our business, the contact with a number of corporations and languages​​, making new business contacts, and the implementation of modern technologies have all created a great opportunity for us to reach European markets. For nearly 15 years we have been developing our services outside of Poland. We cooperate with companies from Austria, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, Britain, the Netherlands and Spain. Technological developments and the development of Internet have introduced a new track for KOMPUTEKST’s business, allowing us to reach out to many other countries for new clients. Presently this is a fast-growing branch of our business, which has already enriched KOMPUTEKST with a number of new experiences.

We are gradually improving and promoting our brand outside Poland’s borders.


KOMPUTEKST, a translation agency operating on the market since 1990!

We provide comprehensive translation services for many of the largest Polish companies, enterprises and international corporations.

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