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Payment for translations

Prior to the completion of the order we will prepare a non-binding, precise price estimate, including the cost of the translation in relation to the time in which it will be realized. For your convenience, we take it upon us to ensure that the translated text does not exceed the cost predetermined in the price estimate.

Since the size of the translated text usually differs from the original text, the payment is calculated based on the professionally accepted format, when the text is ready to be handed over and/or printed. The cost of a text’s translation is calculated on the unit of 1 page numbering:

1500 characters with spaces in Word

for certified translations:

1125 characters with spaces in Word

We invite you to take advantage of our online system used by many of our customers for making a price inquiry. It allows to prepare the precise price quote for your translation and gives you an idea about the cost of your order. We respond to every request within 15 minutes. Request a price quote ...


KOMPUTEKST, a translation agency operating on the market since 1990!

We provide comprehensive translation services for many of the largest Polish companies, enterprises and international corporations.

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