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Special benefits

Agreeing to a long-term cooperation with our office results in a number of additional benefits. This list is simply to acquaint you with the possibilities, which can be significantly expanded upon more individual discussion:

  1. Creating a database of your translations, allowing the consistent application of characteristic vocabulary and terminology for your company throughout all translations. If required, we can also assign an individual translator to work on a permanent basis with the customer on a certain area of texts or material.
  2. Knowing the nature of the jobs and industries of our partner, we can offer lower costs for the most repetitive texts and adapt them to your individual requirements.
  3. Given the permanent nature of such collaboration, we are able to prepare a separate, simplified cost estimate for all other translations, to include significant discounts.
  4. Regular customers orders are treated with special priority, and are supported out of KOMPUTEKST’s normal office hours, around the clock.
  5. We offer individual forms of billing and payment terms to take into account your procurement methods.

In addition, ongoing cooperation brings additional benefits, which vary depending on the nature of your business. More information can be found in the sections presenting each of them. Industries ...

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