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warszawa tłumaczenie symultaniczne warszawa tłumaczenia konsekutywne


We fully understand that in addition to the expected translation quality, the time in which it is delivered is extremely important as well. Thanks to KOMPUTEKST’s experience, we are able to prepare even the most highly specialized translation, regardless of the time pressures involved. With access to the modern technologies which support the translation process, such as the program CAT (Computer Assisted Translation), and the possibility of instant communication, we are able to offer you excellent quality within any required deadline:

  • the reception and processing of your orders by KOMPUTEKST takes merely a few minutes, and we are always at your disposal by phone and e-mail
  • if necessary, we can even prepare the translation within a few hours
  • we realize Express orders, which are executed on the same day
  • for very large texts, we are able to prepare a translation overnight
  • we can adjust the time and place the translation is delivered at your convenience
  • for regular customers we are at your disposal 7 days a week, 24 hours a day

To ensure speedy delivery of your translations, we work with a reliable courier service and delivery costs inWarsawcovered by our company.


We guarantee orders requiring instant execution. Thanks to constant supervision of each individual project we avoid any type of delays. We foresee any issues that may appear "force majeure" and thereby your documents always reach you on time.


KOMPUTEKST, a translation agency operating on the market since 1990!

We provide comprehensive translation services for many of the largest Polish companies, enterprises and international corporations.

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